2023 Conference Slides

Addressing Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents: The Neurochemistry of Equine-Assisted TherapyPresenter: Wendi Nixon, LCMHC, NCC
Addressing Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents: The Neurochemistry of Equine-Assisted Therapy Handout IPresenter: Wendi Nixon, LCMHC, NCC
Addressing Counselor Burnout Through Somatic FlexibilityPresenter: Tori Carrice, LCMHC
Becoming WHOLE: Using Eastern, Holistic and Naturopathic Practices in a Western WorldPresenters: Samantha Bell-Walker, LCMHC, NCC, CHt, CRMT & Shanelle Bell-Walker, AA, CPLC, CRMT, CHt, CST
Beyond a Culture of Poverty: Building a Connected Community Through the Model of CarePresenter: Jayne Davis, EdD, MS, LCMHC, LCC
Biofeedback and Innovative Mind-Body Holistic Approaches to Improve Mental and Physical HealthPresenter: Danelle Holbrook, M.Ed, LCMHCS
Burn the Cape: Mindfulness, Wellness, and Self-Care for Black Women in the Helping ProfessionsPresenters: Myshalae Jamerson-Euring, PhD, LCMHC, CRC, NCC and Dominiquie M. Clemmons- James, PhD
Burnout Can Break You Down but Self Care Can Build You UpPresenter: Melissa Enoch LCMHC, QS, LCAS, CCS, MAC
Clark Kent to Superman Conceptualizing Black Masculinity with AA Males in Therapy: Strategies for CounselorsPresenter: Brandon Allison, MS, LCMHC, NCC
Conversations Worth Having for Clinicians, Caseworkers, and Coaches: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Foster WellbeingPresenters: Laura Torres, MA, LCMHC & Cheri Torres, Ph.D.
Counseling for Sexual DisordersPresenter: Joseph Kertesz, MA, LCMHC, MCC
Counseling for Sexual Disorders Handout IPresenter: Joseph Kertesz, MA, LCMHC, MCC
Deep Dive into Intimate Partner Abuse: Who are the abusers? Recognizing, Treating and ReferringPresenter: Bea Cotè, M.Ed., LCSW, LMFT
Do I Look Fat? Best Practices When Working with a Client's Relationship to Food and BodyPresenter: Alison Cross MS, LCMHC, CEDS-S
God Doesn't Make No Junk, but He Sure Made Me: ADHD Through the LifespanPresenter: Christie Rogers-Larke, ED.D, NCC, CAMS-II, CCTP, BCPCC, RPT-S, LPC-S
I'm Worthy: A Guide for Practitioners When Addressing Underlying Trauma in College Students' Career DevelopmentPresenter: Alysia McGlone, M.Ed.
Improving the Sexual Health of Female Survivors of Sexual ViolencePresenter: Amy Duffy, LCMHCS NCC CCTP, PLLC
Incorporating Mind, Body, & Spirit in Substance Use Disorder TreatmentPresenters: Elizabeth White, MA, LCMHCS, LCAS, CCTP, CCS & Kiana Booth, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCTP
Integrative Psychotherapy to Increase Client Resilience, Manage Stress, and Create a Healthy Alliance between Mind, BodyPresenters: Holly Johnson, Ph.D., LCMHCS Jeffrey Boatner, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, NCC, and Steve Warren, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Tonya D. Armstrong PhD, MTS, LP, HSP-PPresenter: Dr. Tonya D. Armstrong PhD, MTS, LP, HSP-P
Letting Go of Addiction, Relationships and Other Losses Using the 5 Stages of Grief and the Healing ProcessPresenter: Lisa Shelton, Eds, MS, LCMHCS, LCAS
Making Nice with Naughty: Overcontrolled Coping Style and the Search for PleasurePresenter: Tom Murray, Ph.D, LMFT, LCMHCS, CST
MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Presenter: Raymond Turpin, Psy.D.
Mind-Body Healing: Using Trauma-Informed Yoga to Enhance Therapeutic OutcomesPresenter: Chris McDonald, LCMHCS
Models of Clinical SupervisionPresenter: Wanda Burger, LCMHCS, NCC, LCAS, CCS, ICCS, ICAADC, CCMC, MAC, SAP and PhD
Movement and Brainspotting - A Natural Integration of Mind and BodyPresenter: Virginia Hill, MS, LCMHC, BC-DMT, CRC
Negative Body Image, Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders: What Every Therapist Should KnowPresenter: Sandra Wartski, PsyD.,CEDS
Neuroscience-Informed, Bottom-Up, Practical Intervention Experiences to Spice Up and Deepen Your Clinical PracticePresenter: Robin Minick MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, LCMHCS, NCC, CCMC, GM
Pain, Pills, and Prisoners: A Story of AppalachiaPresenter: Alexandria Widener, MA
Professional Healing: Because Trauma Exposure Is a Workplace HazardPresenter: Rebecca Mathews, Ph.D., LCMHCS and Anita Faulkner
Rebuilding After Betrayal. . . Helping Clients Heal from BetrayalPresenter: Michelle Gallimore, MS, MTS, LCMHCS, CSAT, CPTTC
Reconstructing Life & Meaning After Pregnancy Loss: Couples Composition WorkPresenter: Lisa Rainwater, MA, LCMHC, CT, CGP
Secrets to Growing a Mind-Body Therapeutic Practice: Learn Integrative Evidence Based Tools to Reduce Stress & BurnoutPresenter: Hillary Straus, LMHC
Taking Therapy Into the WoodsPresenter: Kate Hannon, LCMHCA
The Art of Promoting Cultural Sensitive and Responsive Practices in Clinical SupervisionPresenter: Donna Newberne, LCMHCS
The Continuum of RealityPresenter: Catherine Busam, LCMHCS
The Empowerment Wheel and Art Therapy: Healing from Relationship AbusePresenter: Astra B. Czerny, PhD, LCMHC(NC), LPC(PA), NCC, BC-TMH
The Neurobiology of Trauma and It's Application to Successful Treatment of Pain (Part I, II, III)Presenters: Judith Swack Ph.D. & Hillary Straus, LMHC
Treating Trauma and Enhancing Resiliency in Trauma SurvivorsPresenters: Holly Johnson, Ph.D., LCMHCS, Jeffrey Boatner, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT, NCC, and Steve Warren, Ph.D.
Yoga and Mindfulness in Addiction RecoveryPresenter: Chanel Bowen, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS, NCC
Yoga and Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery Handout IPresenter: Chanel Bowen, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS, NCC
Yoga and Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery Handout IIPresenter: Chanel Bowen, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS, NCC